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Our man Gnat is at it again. Turns out since we last left him he has been using his rock-star relations to schmooze chicks, and trying to score points by telling them he is now a pornstar. I'm not sure how well that was working for him, but it certainly paid off when he ran into this hottie Allison.. at the mall of all places. Allison is a self-proclaimed "Mall Slut"- and when Gnat figured this out, he immediately called me up all excited that he had scored bigtime. Gnat wanted me to film the two of them go at it right away (Presumably before she woke up and figured out that he is GNAT, and NOT his rockstar brother) Well, I can tell you that Allison here is completely red-hot. This girl could NOT WAIT to get banged. She simply thrives on dick it seems. She was .... READ MORE